Meet paranormal romance author Pepper McGraw

As Abby worked at the knot, she frantically reviewed the number of animals at her house. Seventeen barn cats, five indoor cats, one Holland Lop rabbit, one three-legged dog, and now, surely there was room for– The bag burst open in an explosion of sound and her vision grayed at the edges as she saw exactly what she had managed to save.   Three baby cheetahs.

-Excerpt from The Crazy Cheetah Lady

Pepper wishes she were a shifter, but since she wasn't lucky enough to be born that way, she chooses to write about them instead. She's an advocate of animal rescue and supports local shelters and Trap-Neuter-Release programs for feral cats. She's had the supreme honor of winning occasional head butts and meows from the local ferals in her neighborhood and even of convincing a few to come inside and adopt her as their own.