One Sad Kitty

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The Murrysville Coalition Series

Julie's adoptive brother and his wife are dead, their cubs are missing and Julie knows it's only a matter of time before she will be asked to leave the only real home she's ever known.

Brian has known Julie is his mate for ten years now. He never intended to tell her the truth, protecting her from the one relationship he knew she could never handle. Then his best friend is murdered and Julie falls apart in the aftermath. To save her, to tie her to the community and home she loves, he will end a decade of silence and break the promise he made her brother. It's time for Brian to finally claim his mate.

Warning: This book may have possible triggers (grief, depression, childhood abuse). Of course, it's also pretty steamy!

Novelist Abigail Simmons recently moved to the country to care for her colony of cats. She's stunned when someone throws a bag of writhing animals into the river. She's even more surprised at the animals waiting inside.

Alpha shifters, Marcus, Peter and James are enraged at the murder of their beloved sister and her mate. Even more infuriating, their triplet nephews are missing. They've trailed the cubs to Abigail's new hometown and heads are going to roll.

Hilarity and chaos ensue after the men reclaim their nephews, and Abby, determined not to lose her cubs, follows them back to their hometown. This works for the three men as they've decided she'll make a fine shifter mate. For them.

Warning: This book has explicit sex, a ménage à quatre and sexytimes with three hot alpha men.

Paranormal Shifter Series

The Crazy Cheetah Lady

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