Shadows and Stars

A Paranormal Romance Series

A Limited Edition Collection of Sci-Fi and Paranormal Romance Books

Featuring Shifter Shenanigans

She has no idea shifters exist. He has no idea she’s human.

When Phoenix applies for a job at Shenanigans, she expects it to be just like every other bar she’s ever worked at. There’ll be drunks, some of them obnoxious and some of them hilarious. There’ll be regulars she sees every night, some of them charming and some of them real jerks. What she never expects though, is that all of them will be shapeshifters.

Travis knows there’s something off about his new waitress. He has his doubts about her ability to handle drunken shifters, even though she insists she’s tough enough to handle anything his bar patrons throw at her. What he doesn’t expect though is her reaction to the sight of his animal. What did she expect? Some pansy-ass wolf? If so, she’s in for a mighty shock considering he’s all bear.

The Shenanigans Series