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Midnight Magic with Taya Rune

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Welcome to another Midnight Magic author interview! This time, we're chatting with Taya Rune.

What's the title of your book in Midnight Magic?

The Warlock’s Lair

Tell us a little bit about it!

The Fae Queen seeks answers and Jazlynn and her squad of kickass fae are sent to find them, but what they uncover is a web of lies and deceit that they must unravel…fast. The fate of the Enchanted Underworld and its continued hidden existence lies in the hands of these bold, brave, strong women. But affairs of the heart always complicate things.

What's your main character like?

Jazlynn is a fairy trained to be a member of a secret force that serves the Fae Queen. Her father is a General in the Queen’s army and her mother is of noble birth. Jazlynn has a lot to live up to and atone for. The only man she fell in love with not only stole her heart, he ran away with the family’s most sacred heirloom.

Is it part of a bigger series or world?

Taya: The Warlock’s Lair is book 1 in the Weapons of the Fae Queen series which is set in the Enchanted Underworld, that will eventually have several spin off series.

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to read The Warlock's Lair! Be sure to preorder your copy of Midnight Magic here:

More about Taya:

Taya Rune is a writer of romance, a sucker for happy endings and has a knack for asking people uncomfortable questions. She resides in Melbourne with her husband, sons, and dogs. She loves the unpredictable weather, the varied cultures, food, and great stage shows.

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