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A matchmaking cat may be their only hope

for a happily ever after.

Maggie isn’t a fan of people. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that people aren’t a fan of Maggie. Therefore, when she inherits a house and enough money to retreat from the world, she happily embraces the opportunity, bringing only her cat along for company. 


Jackson is the sheriff of his shifter town. He deals with people all day long and for the most part, enjoys his job. Until the crazy human who just moved to town reports a catnapping. He’s not exactly leaping at the opportunity to track down a missing pet. Then he discovers the crazy human is his mate. 


Genghis Khat has a mission: find his human companion a mate. The only problem? Her mate is the sheriff and she’s not exactly a fan. It’s going to take a lot of work to make this match a pawsitively purrfect one.

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Catnapped was previously published in the anthology, Shifters Do It Better.

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Catnapped–mangled ear.jpg
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