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The purrfect familiar has never been so impossible to find…

The matchmaking cats of the goddesses pride themselves on making the most pawsitively purrfect matches between two-legged creatures and four. This particular match, however, is quite the challenge. Their target witch, Jo, has already found her fated mate without their assistance, which quite frankly, is nothing short of a miracle. It's also a bit of a problem.

It means they have to find a familiar willing to bond with not only a witch, but a vampiress. The familiar also has to tolerate all the other witches’ mates. The chameleon isn’t the problem. The wolves, however? So damn goofy. Finding the purrfect familiar for Jo is becoming quite the challenge, especially since so many candidates keep making it their mission in life to destroy every plant the garden witch manages to grow.

The matchmaking cats of the goddesses have their work cut out for them with this match..
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