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It’s a pawsitively purrfect holiday season
for the cats at PPM as they set their
matchmaking sights on a bunch of grumpy bears
and their purrfect cat companions and fated mates.


Lumiki has been waiting years for Wade Meier to realize that they’re fated mates and for him to claim her. Unfortunately, Wade is a very stupid bear and has shown no sign of ever coming to that realization. She’s about to give up on him when something completely unexpected happens. Now she’s questioning everything, including what she’s always believed to be true.


Zach Meier is Wade’s cousin. He’s known Lumiki his entire life. She’s his baby sister’s best friend and he’s always considered her to be like another sister. Suddenly though, he’s seeing her in an entirely different light, which is completely messing with his head. There’s no way Lumiki is meant for him, not when she’s been right there all this time and his bear has never given any indication that they might be mates.


This match is a complete and utter mess. Even the matchmaking cats of the goddesses are confused about who is supposed to be with whom. It will take a holiday miracle to sort this match out. 

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This Cat's for You.jpg
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