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Black cats, witches, fairies and ghosts — oh my!
It's all kinds of spooky, Shenanigans style!

Kitty Sweet’s been a cat for a while now. Long enough to have forgotten what her real name is and even what her real form is. Perhaps a cat is all she’s ever been and all she’ll ever be. That would be a shame, though, because she just met the man of her dreams. 

Logan’s given up on ever finding a mate. He’s resigned himself to a lonely life and takes comfort in knowing his sister, at least, has found happiness. Then he meets Kitty Sweet. So she’s not exactly the companion he’s been hoping for (she’s a cat after all), but at least she keeps the loneliness at bay.

The witches have a plan though, if only they can keep room thirteen under wraps and that darn poltergeist from stirring the cauldron.

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