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It's a pawsitively purrfect match made in hell.


Jane spends her days working for the public library and the local bookstore in Zero, Kansas. She reads all about adventure and romance, but never experiences them for herself.

That’s okay, though. Jane may spend every Valentine’s Day alone, but she always has a new book boyfriend to turn to. This year, however, Valentine's Day is looking up because Jane has fallen in love with two adorable kittens. Who needs romance when you have a pair of purrfectly purrfect kittens to care for?

Except that's when things take a turn for the weird.

A ridiculously sexy man shows up claiming to be Lucifer—as in Satan, and accuses Jane of stealing his hell-kittens. Then, to make matters worse, Lucifer decides that Jane will make a perfect mate and wants to take her to the Underworld to be his bride.

There's just one problem with that plan.

There are no libraries in hell. Or bookstores. Or books. That’s a hell no from Jane.

Only the matchmaking cats of the goddesses can save this match now.

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