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Faerie’s been exposed to the mortal realm, along with every Fae warrior, royal and citizen who happened to be traveling there when the Veils fell. Now it’s up to Princess Astra to somehow protect the Fae who are cut off from Faerie, negotiate a peace with hostile mortal governments and figure out a way home. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, her idiotic, centuries-long crush on the Guardian in charge of her safety is back with a vengeance.

Kahji has no intention of ever informing Princess Astra that they’re destined mates. She’s a princess and he’s a captain of the Royal Guard. Romance isn’t part of the job description. Thankfully, she’s been completely oblivious for hundreds of years. Until they’re cut off from Faerie, that is, and the matebond he’s spent centuries containing roars to blazing life. Now Kahji has to deal with an angry Fae princess, something that would terrify even the most experienced and deadly of Fae warriors.

They may be fated mates, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t plotting his very painful demise.


Cut off.

Falling in Love.

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