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Kittens. Chocolate. Sexy Shenanigans.
doesn’t get much better than this.
As far as Merry’s concerned, life is all about the chocolate: where to find it and how to get more of it. Having only recently discovered this sinfully delightful substance, she’s now determined to try every variation that exists… and maybe a few that don’t.

Sam’s stunned to discover the mate he’s been waiting for is nothing like he imagined. The chemistry may be off the charts, but she’s carting around a box of kittens and is obsessed with chocolate. He’s a wolf, for howl’s sake! Kittens and chocolate are like poison to his kind.

Only the matchmaking cats of the goddesses can save this match now.

Note: Chocolate Furnanigans was previously published under the title, Her Dark Obsession, in the Eat Your Heart Out, Holiday Edition anthology.
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