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It's a pawsitively purrfect match made in hell.


Jasmine just wants her mom to get a break from working, so in her Christmas letter to Santa, she requests a vacation for her mom at a nice bed and breakfast and a playful kitten for herself. Unfortunately, Jasmine's letter is misdirected and ends up headed south.

Starlight may be human, but she lives in Zero, Kansas, which means she's gotten quite the education about the paranormal world this year. So she's not even fazed when Christmas morning dawns bright and hot in Hell or when her daughter's Christmas kitten displays some very demon-like qualities.

Maximus has been unsuccessfully courting his human mate, Starlight, for the past six months. When she disappears and all evidence points to her being in the Underworld, Maximus doesn't hesitate to follow her. He's prepared to go head-to-head with Satan himself to win back his mate.

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