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It’s a Pawsitively Implausible, Yet Purrfect Match.

Not witchy enough for the witches, nor demonic enough for Hell, Tempest has found a new home in Zero, Kansas, as part of the Zero Cum Laude Coven. Unfortunately, though you can take the girl out of Hell, you can’t always get Hell to leave her alone.

Inundated with demonic proposals delivered by a constant stream of “eligible” demons and monstrous hell-kittens, Tempest is at her wit’s end, which is not a good look for a weather witch with questionable control.

She definitely doesn’t have time for a certain non-demonic, utterly human chameleon who keeps insisting they’re mates. Then again, maybe that’s the solution to all her demonic problems—a pretend mating. The only challenge will be convincing Matthew that it’s all only temporary.

The matchmaking cats of the goddesses are a little uncertain about where this match is going. Hell-kittens, demons, chameleons, witches, and pretend matings, all with an interfering Lucifer in the mix—things are going to hell in a cat basket.
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