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Witches and Shifters, Vampires and Chameleons.
The matchmaking cats of the goddesses
have their work cut out for them in Zero, Kansas. 

Corwin is the beta wolf of the Wildfire Pack. His wolf has been riled up from the moment they met the annoying High Witch of the local coven. At first, he just assumed his wolf was aggravated by the power it could sense humming beneath her skin. Now he realizes it’s something else entirely. The woman who’s like an itch he can’t scratch, an irritant under the skin, is his freaking mate.

Natalie is the leader of the Zero Cum Laude Coven and she’s got a lot on her plate considering every single one of its members struggle to control their powers—and she’s no exception. Out-of-control weather and armies of the dead are the least of her problems when her own power starts to slip from her grasp. So she definitely doesn’t need to be worrying about pandering to some silly wolf who has it in his head that she’s his mate. As if.

Only the matchmaking cats of the goddesses can save this match now.
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