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Jefferson isn’t thrilled when his sister-in-law hires a new receptionist for his auto repair shop without consulting him first. He’s even more annoyed when he realizes the new hire is a bear, and not just any bear. She’s Kate Worcester of the Worcester bears, and even worse, is the only sister of Mason Worcester, the scariest grizzly of them all. And to top it all off, Jefferson’s pretty sure Kate Worcester is his mate.

Kate Worcester is sick and tired of her brother’s interference in her life. His latest antics involve tossing clients through windows when he thinks they’re standing too close to her. If the only way she can end this ridiculousness is to quit her job and go to work for a panther mechanic, then so be it. Even better if that mechanic turns out to be her mate.

Cleocatra’s been given a mission: find a pawsitively purrfect match for her human companion. Except this kitten isn’t about to share Jefferson. He’s her human companion and no one else’s. The bear has got to go!

The Real McCat + Kitten.jpg

A matchmaking cat may be Jefferson’s only hope

for a happily ever after . . .

if the kitten he just adopted doesn't ruin everything.

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The Real McCat.jpg
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