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Celebrating 20 Books!

`*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸★¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*´ GLORY IS HERE!


Glory is the 20th book I've written and it feels incredible to have reached this milestone. Of course, I have more books planned for this year and next. I'm actually scheduled all the way through 2023. So many ideas, so little time!

So what can I tell you about Glory?

Well, her story is book 2 of The Unveiled and is the continuing story of the Fae after they have been both trapped in the mortal world AND Unveiled to the humans.


Unveiled. Bespelled. Falling in love.

The Ceremony of the Veils is always full of sorrow and tradition and never fails to make Princess Glory’s heart bleed. She knows exactly what to expect when she travels to the mortal realm to bear witness as the Guardians of the Eastern Veil step into eternity. What follows, though, is nothing of tradition and everything of chaos.

Mitaru was born to be a Guardian of the Veil, which is why he’s completely unprepared when his generation fails in their sacred duty. When he’s given a new mission—locate Princess Glory and protect her with his life—he’s determined not to fail again. Getting through the shield that surrounds the city where she was last seen is the easy part. When he discovers the entire city slumbers behind the shield, the real challenge begins, especially when he realizes the sleeping princess is his mate.


Glory is my take on the traditional Sleeping Beauty fairy tale and was a lot of fun to write. It's available wide at most retailers and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

As a reminder, Glory is part of a larger world that is made up of a prequel story, Guardians of the Veil, and two duets, The Unveiled and The Veiled. You can click the image below and find out more about each of the stories. Happy reading!


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