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Midnight Magic is here!

We've been waiting for this anthology to arrive for almost a year now and it's finally here. Midnight Magic has been unleashed!

This week only the book is 99 cents so grab your copy before the price goes up! Read on for a description and watch the video for an excerpt from a conversation between my two main characters, Kalina and Thorne.

To be a Guardian of the Veil

is to live in the hearts of the Fae forever.

Kalina and Thorne have served the Fae for centuries as Guardians of the Veil. As with all Guardians, their service will end in sacrifice to maintain the Veil that shields the Fae from the mortal world.

Fate, however, has other plans in store, not just for Kalina and Thorne, but for all of the Fae. These two were never supposed to meet, but when they do, even centuries of tradition cannot deny the siren call of their mating bond.

A bond that may just change the fate of the Fae forever.


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