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Midnight Magic with Siera London

Welcome to another Midnight Magic author interview! This time, we're chatting with Siera London.

What's the title of your book in Midnight Magic?


Tell us a little bit about it!

In a post-apocalyptic world, Luna is an earth elemental being hunted for a power she can’t control. Kole, is a Kelvinian ice prince sent on a quest to find a new home with ample water for his people. When a beautiful elemental with the ability to influence the tides saves him from death, he knows he can save the nation he’s sworn to protect. But, can he rob the woman he’s come to love of her freedom?

What's your main character like?

Luna is powerful, yet gentle. Like the moon, she has an effect on the ebb and flow tide of the waters. The very flowers wilt when she’s sad. She’s courageous and generous, even though those she trusted in the past betrayed her loyalty.

Is it part of a bigger series or world? Yes, Luna and Kole’s love story is Book 2 in my Kelvinian Warriors series.

Is there anything else you want to tell us about your book in Midnight Magic? Midnight Magic is the perfect launch for Luna and Kole! The creative genius contained in this boxed set is otherworldly. Read every story!

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to read Luna! Be sure to preorder your copy of Midnight Magic here:

More about Siera;

Siera London is the USA Today Bestselling & Award-winning author of contemporary and paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and crime fiction. She crafts stories of diverse characters navigating the challenges and triumphs to find lasting love. Intelligence, wit, emotion, drama, and romance are between the covers of every Siera London novel. Siera lives in Florida with her husband, and a color patch tabby named Frie.

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