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Midnight Magic with Rebekah R. Ganiere

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Welcome to another Midnight Magic author interview! This time, we're chatting with Rebekah R. Ganiere.

What's the title of your book in Midnight Magic?

Protector of the Night

Tell us a little bit about it!

It’s a prequel to my series Nocturne Academy. The first story was about Melisandre and Eonis, a vampire and a vampress (vampire/sorceress) and how they got together despite the fact that they were enemies. This one focuses on Natalia and Zander (werewolves) who are best friends of the vampire couple but can’t stand each other. In the book the vampires are forced to confront their families and make some hard decisions while Natalia and Zander try to protect them from being assassinated. Natalia and Zander must work together in close quarters despite not being able to get along at all. We will see if they can work together to save everyone’s lives though.

What's your main character like?

Natalia is feisty. Unlike other werewolves she is actually quite old because she is blood bonded to a vampress whose blood keeps her healthy and alive. She was thrown out of her pack because of her health problems and she was left to die. Melisandre found her and took her in and because of that Natalia has a fierce bond to protect Melisandre at all cost.

Is it part of a bigger series or world?

Yes. It is a prequel to my series Nocturne Academy. Which is about the couple’s son who is in love with the Vampire Princess but he isn’t allowed to be with her in anything more than a bodyguard capacity because of who she is. That series is an RH with other vampire heirs wanting her as well. But this book is fun because you get to see what happened between the relationship between the two families long before the kids are born.

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait to read Protector of the Night! Be sure to preorder your copy of Midnight Magic here:

More about Rebekah:

Rebekah R. Ganiere is a USA Today Bestselling - Award Winning Author, Emmy Nominated Screenwriter & Producer who has always been a creative soul and a prolific writer. Her Debut novel Dead Awakenings, released January 2014 and hit the bestseller list the first day. Followed by her Best Selling Award Winning series Fairelle. Her trilogy The Society and her Wolf River Series released from Fallen Angel Press in 2018.

Rebekah is the former President of the FF&P Chapter of RWA. In her spare time when she isn't writing, you can find her moderating or teaching a Comic Con's around the US or drinking copious amounts of herbal tea while watching action and superhero movies with her own personal Underlord, four rebellious Minions, extremely needy German Shepherd, shy Leopard Gecko, cuddly Rose Boa and six chatty Guinea Pigs.


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